For The Bride . . .

Looking for a party place for your bridal shower ? Search no more - you have just found it!

"A New Creative Way to Propose to Your Future Bride ! A beautiful story:

This beautiful plate was painted by Percy at our studio for a very special purpose on September 16 in Gaetano's where he and Samantha first met. Percy put all his heart into the painting of this plate, making sure every stroke is coming out perfectly. On September 16, they'd have a dinner date at Gaetano's and Samantha's food would be served on this plate. Hopefully she finishes all the food, then Percy's proposal would pop up in front of her astonishing eyes!

"Samantha, Will you marry me?" signed Percy.

What a wonderful way to propose and to be proposed!

Our warmest congratulations to Percy and Samantha, we are looking forward to having their bridal shower party in our studio in the near future!"

Personalized Wedding Dinnerware

Design and paint your own personalized toasting goblets and the dishes for your wedding meal. Don't forget the cake plates! These special dishes will provide lasting memories that can be used on each anniversary for years to come.

Bridal Showers:

Host your bridal shower at Color Me Mine. You pick the pieces and the colors, and your guests paint them. We can provide service for your drinks and refreshments while you paint. Our studio is also available to rent for a larger event. Another option is to choose the pieces and colors ahead of time, then rent a Color Me Mine To-Go kit and have the shower in your home. We can also provide staff to assist with your painting party at home if needed.

Unique Wedding Keepsake

Bridal Party Gifts

Paint a unique item for the members of your bridal party. It's a great way to commemorate the event that is so special for all of you. We have beautiful jewel boxes, picture frames, plates and platters, and much much more.

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