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Field Trips at Color Me Mine
Girl scout Reward Party
Boy Scout Reward Party
Preschool Field Trip

Summer Camps at Color Me Mine
We go to your school to set up an 2 hours ceramic painting fun camp! Or you can come to our studio for a fantastic camp too!

After School Enrichment Program catered by Color Me Mine
Our instructors have TB test and Fingerprint screening. Call manger to set up a 4-week session after school program. The fee starts at $16 per student.

School FUN-raising Legacy Tile Wall
We are an expert for doing the legacy wall. You set up a time on the day. We will go to the school to get the student's hand-prints. A few weeks later, you come pick up the tiles. Contact volunteers to have tile mounting party. It is a easy and stress-free fundraising. No more door-door sales of wrapping paper, ribbons, chocolate, or cookie dough. The legacy wall is a permanent display for years and also beautifies the school exterior structure.

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